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2 girls, Angela, Ashli, Daniela, Dominika, Franny, Kari, Lorelei, Outdoor, Sammy, Twilight, Vicky
8-1-2014 02:21
Sure you can download all the videos if you subscribe, Daniela is a brand new model not available on other sites
19-8-2014 02:34
song and artist from hot blond shaking her booty and stripping ? 2nd page near bottom..
22-8-2014 14:59
Is Ashli still making videos? She is FINE AS HELL!!!
28-10-2014 22:07
u should dedicate this site just using Ashli...shes hot, got a big ass, and can move that ass correctly
Jay Dub
7-11-2014 14:24
Man, Ashli needs her own shakinit channel. With her sharing the site, we don&039;t get to see her much. But, DAMN, she is bad as hell. I want to see her by herself. I&039;ll pay for personal vids if I
16-12-2014 18:01
i have a question for you:
i like so much these girls in your videos: lorelei, daniela and dominika;have you other content with them, more sexy, like sex or blowjob..?
thank you...i have s
21-12-2014 12:39
no this page is for hotties who like to tease and dance naked
26-12-2014 19:27
Could you do something in spandex, specifically Daniella if possible dancing with them. Thnx
28-11-2015 20:22
3-3-2016 16:34
How to Dress for an Interview
18-3-2016 01:17
When the price is right
18-3-2016 01:20
My love
29-4-2016 19:38
Say goodbye to panty lines!
13-5-2016 16:10
Such a sweet hottie...
18-5-2016 19:56
Hotties Treat Lucky Guy
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Hi guys, I'm the blonde you see in most of the videos and these are some of my girlfriends. We have a great time making these and hope you enjoy viewing ass much as we enjoy shakin'! ;)

We do take requests so if there's something you'd like to see just let us know. =)

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